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Career Counseling


You may have many career questions when you start studying in the healthcare field such as:

  • What certifications do I want to have in the near future? 

  • With which program do I start off? Where can I work? How much will I earn?

  • What program should I take next? What are the requirements? How much does it cost?

  • Where can I work? How much will I earn?

  • How much more will I earn with additional certificates?

ACE Healthcare Training has a career counseling program that will discuss with you the alternative career paths based on your needs, your budget, your preferred work environment, your family needs, your available study time, and the best current and future job market opportunities.
This career counseling is very important in your life. You can waste a lot of time, or you can take a career path that will enhance your work responsibilities, your work environment, your knowledge and expertise, and reward you with continuous employment and a good salary.
Our staff and teachers have been in the trenches, know the programs, know the job market and know the good opportunities. They will be happy to counsel you. Starting at our school will open a gate to many healthcare career opportunities. As you go through our programs, you will clearly see with the help of our counseling, what program you should take next.



Career Counseling and Job Assistance


  1. Self analysis:

  • Interests: short term and long term

  • Preferences: location, clinical field, 

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Availability

  • Experience

  • Minimum salary

  2. Career Planning: which career path is the best for you

  • Resume writing and targeting

  3. Interview skills

  4. Job assistance

  • Job opportunity search

  • Qualifying jobs based on above criteria

  • Calling techniques

  • Follow up techniques

  5. Social media networking



  • Becoming competitive with other job candidates
  • Getting the best opportunities based on your criteria
  • Understanding rejections, and improving

Why with Ace Healthcare Training?

  • Our experience of 20 years in healthcare training and medical facilities
  • Our connections with medical professionals
  • Having dealt with 4,000 graduates, who keep coming back to our schools


  1. Four sessions from 9am till 2pm

  • Two session per week for two weeks

How much?


  1. Total fee of $250

  • Registration fee: $100 non refundable

  • Balance of $150 upon completion

  2. Total fee includes:

  • Book

  • 8 solid job leads

  • Access to student portal for Career Counseling with updated listing of jobs per training program

How to enroll?


  1. In Dover: 

  2. In Union: 

If you have a question or comment about the above material, please state it in the form below, and submit it. We will reply promptly.



Dover Campus

Tel. (973) 366-7171

8 South Morris Street, Suite 202

Dover, NJ 07801

Union Campus

Tel: (908) 851-2700

930 Stuyvesant Avenue, Suite 12
Union, NJ 07083



Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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