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Government and County Grants and Loans

ACE Healthcare Tr​aining itself doesn't provide financial assistance. but, financial assistance for the CNA program and other programs may come from the USA Federal Government, the NJ County government, or from businesses (senior centers).

USA Federal assistance programs

  1. War Veterans and Dependents.

Our schools have been approved by the Veterans Administration, so that war veterans and their dependents can get reimbursed when they attend our training programs. Our listing is in the following list. The facility code of our Union School with the Veterans Administration is: 25008730.

  • Call Liz Pena at (908) 851-2700 in our Union School to get more details.

      She can be reached at

  • Call Dustin Guzman at (973) 366-7171 in our Dover School to get more details.

      He can be reached at

  2. Single Parents with Children

There is a TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needed Families) program that will assist you. Our school is however not affiliated with this program but, you may get a subsidy anyway. For an overview, click here. For TANF details in NJ, click here.

NJ TANF phone number: 1-800-792-9773

NJ County Government Assistance


  1. Employment and Training Services

Our schools are approved by the Employment and Training Services offices (One Stop)  in:

        ○ Morris County, Sussex County

This means that you can get a grant to fund the tuition fee of a training program at our schools. Several students have benefited from this assistance while taking our CNA program, Medical Assistant program, EKG/Phlebotomy program and CMA program.

  2. Gateway program through NJ County Colleges such as Morris County College

  • County College of Morris gives you details: Click here

Business (Senior Centers) Assistance


Reimbursement of your total CNA fee or just the tuition fee is possible as follows:

  • You join a nursing center or senior center within 90 days of your CNA certification

  • You work for one year contiguously for that center

  • The center is mandated by NJ Law to reimburse your total fee or just the tuition fee at the end of your one year employment at that center.

Gov't Grants Loans



Dover Campus

Tel. (973) 366-7171

8 South Morris Street, Suite 202

Dover, NJ 07801

Union Campus

Tel: (908) 851-2700

930 Stuyvesant Avenue, Suite 12
Union, NJ 07083



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