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Massage Therapy Program

The program is offered during the day, the evening and the weekend, The day class takes 6 hours a day for about 4 months. Top quality teachers have been giving these classes for many years, and are committed to help you excel in this program. The program consists of theory classes and hands-on massages in our massage therapy studio.Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will obtain a massage therapy state license issued by NJ Board of Nursing. Our company works closely with many massage centers and spas who are looking for highly qualified massage therapists. 

Massage Therapy Program

Theory: Using the latest textbooks and multimedia so that class becomes a fun place to learn. Experienced teachers enlighten the theory with their real world experience. Continuous online testing makes it easy to stay on schedule. A student portal gives you online access to presentations made in class.

Practice: Under constant supervision by a certified teacher

***Hurry up with registration so that you can start studying the theory as much as possible before practice.***

Why Us?


Our massage therapy program uses the best textbooks, multimedia and hands-on labs so that you can learn the theory in a way that comforts you. Our teachers speak from experience and give life to the theory. 

Program Curriculum

Phase 1

Phase 2

Total of Phase I & II

To give you a feel of how a back massage is done, you can look at the following video's: