It is the mission of ACE Healthcare Training Institute, Incorporated to provide a quality education for our students, preparing them for their future occupations in healthcare. ACE Healthcare Training Institute, Inc. is committed to providing each student with quality Education, which upon graduation will give them the knowledge, and skills they need to be able to work competently, safely, and confidently in any healthcare environment. With the use of current curriculum, up-to-date equipment and experienced instructors, ACE Healthcare Training Institute, Incorporated envisions employment opportunities for all graduates. We are dedicated to working with individuals who have taken the first step towards the threshold of this institution of learning, and decided to commit themselves to the learning process. We look forward with individuals who aspire to be educated and acquire marketable skills that will lead to a secured future in healthcare. Welcome to ACE Healthcare Training Institute, Incorporated. We look forward to working hand in hand with you towards success in achieving your goals. The possibilities are endless.


ACE Healthcare Group, Inc. consists of 3 businesses: ACE Healthcare Training, ACE Home Healthcare, and Professional Healthcare. All entities have been in business since 1989 The Ace HealthCare Training Team is comprised of compassionate health care employees, a leadership team, a medical advisory board, and a board of business advisors. Our employees are professionals with a wide array of skills, experience and credentials. They and their ideas are our core assets, are creative in outlook and profile, and thrive in an environment where new challenges are the norm. The Ace employees are proud to be part of our company and have a real passion for the work they do and the patients they serve. They are dedicated professionals who understand that patient service is the cornerstone of our success. We believe that the diversity of our backgrounds and skills contribute to the overall effectiveness of our company. Certainly, our team value is much greater than the sum of our individual values.

Career Summary

Thelma has over twenty years of practical healthcare experience in assisting patients in medical facilities and in residences, and as a small business provider of quality healthcare services.


Key career highlights include:


  • Advanced Nurse Practice: Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and implementation of care, evaluation and follow-up of care of patients seen in the office and nursing homes.


  • Long-Term Care: Worked in a nursing home providing total nursing care to the adult, elderly and the disabled.


  • Home Care: Case management, treatment, teaching, and follow-up of patients in the home care setting.


  • Critical Care: Extensive experience in cardiac medical services, post open heart, Neuro ICU, burn care, and ICU. Experience includes care of arterial lines, monitoring BP, MAP, cardiac output, SVR,  cardiac indexes, and IABP.


  • Emergency Room: Worked closely with MDs and other healthcare professionals in trauma ER, including stab and gunshot wounds.

Thelma Guzman

President and Executive Director

Career Summary

Dustin has over ten years of practical healthcare business management experience as a small business provider of quality healthcare services. His successful work experience and skills in all areas of home health care business management activities support his current role and responsibilities as Director of Operations for all Ace Healthcare Group's healthcare business.


Key career highlights include:


  • Financial Management: Developed and implemented a professional corporate accounting, bookkeeping and financial system.

  • Marketing and Sales: Carried out market research and created marketing sales strategies and action plans for healthcare services.

  • Office Management: Created a framework for company policies and procedures in support of a corporate governance practice to monitor all business and support processes.

  • Information Technology: Developed an information technology infrastructure, obtained and implemented appropriate technology components, and implemented a change management facility to handle all system failures, attacks, and other issues.

  • Client Management: Designed and implemented a process to effectively manage the 'client lifecycle' and new prospects.

  • Professional Recruitment: Created a program for the recruiting of professional sales people to place CHHAs.

  • Training: Developed and implemented policies and procedures for handling all business and support activities of the healthcare training institute.

Dustin Guzman

Vice President and Director of Operations



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